Monday, June 25, 2012

So Gelleesh Blog Anniversary Giveaway

So Gelleesh Blog Anniversary Giveaway

Happy Birthday So Gelleesh! Nope, it's not my birthday but my blog's birthday, actually! So I hope you can all greet So Gelleesh a happy birthday or a happy blog anniversary for this June. I'm so happy that I have managed to keep this blog alive and and active for one whole year and for that, I'm hosting a giveaway for all my lovely and awesome readers. Thank you, thank you so much for supporting this blog. This blog giveaway is for you guys. I hope you will all love and share this to all of your friends.

I started blogging about beauty since April but I was using Weebly as my blog's platform back then. I have so little readership and I do not know anyone in the blogging community but my blogger friend from the US, Celine of She is actually the one who pushed me to start blogging. The first blogger she introduced to me was the epic Temptalia and then I got hooked.

Around May of 2011, Celine transferred her blog from Weebly to Wordpress and then that's when Kai ( and Jen ( discovered my blog and convinced me to transfer it to Blogger by June. These girls were actually my first blogger friends. We would constantly tweet each other along with Earth (, Sire ( and Daily Fashionista ( That's when it all started.

I attended one event after the other, was sponsored with some stuff for review purpose and met more blogger friends. For me, having blogger friends is actually one of the most amazing part of blogging. There's just too many of them to mention (my blogger friends) and I might forget someone so I won't be posting their names anymore. They know who they are. Thank you so much, guys, for making my blogging life awesome. *Cyber Hugs*

Now, enough of the drama and on to my giveaway. Hahaha! This is just a simple giveaway wherein I'd be using Rafflecopter to get your entries and to pick the winner. There would be two winners for this giveaway. One will take home the Beauty Loot while the other will have the Fashion Loot. Easy, huh?

This is part of the Fashion Loot. Forgot to include this in the main photo below but it's included vv

Before I post the Rafflecopter widget, I would like to thank the sponsors for my Blog Anniversary Giveaway: Hyphen Curiosities | All Glammed Up | F*ART Fashion Art | HBC | Pitaka | Queen Alice Accessories | Snoe Beauty. Thank you so much for trusting So Gelleesh. I truly appreciate it. Now onto the Rafflecopter widget: 

Again, thank you so much to my readers, blogger friends and to all the brands and companies who trusted So Gelleesh. I truly appreciate your love and support. Please do wish for more fruitful and awesome years for So Gelleesh. Thanks, guys! :)

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